Meth Lab Equipment consisted of commercially purchased items such as separatory funnels, Bunsen burners, reaction vessels, plastic storage containers, and large glass beakers. These are the type items that you would associate with a science class or a chemistry lab. These labs are often referred to as “Super Labs” and are capable of producing multiple pounds of Methamphetamine during one cooking process. These labs were commonly located on the West Coast.

More recently, smaller labs, called “Tweaker Labs”,  “Box Labs” ,  "Rolling Mobile Labs" began popping up all over the nation. These labs produce only a few grams of Methamphetamine at a time and are often operated by the users. The different equipment found at a “Tweaker Lab” can be purchased from any retail store and consists of items like Mason Jars, Pyrex Glassware, plastic Igloo coolers, and plastic gas cans. These items can be used as they were purchased or can be slightly modified to process the ephedrine using the chemicals and heat sources like stove top and microwave ovens.

As law enforcement began to recognize and direct enforcement efforts against these smaller labs, another lab hybrid lab began to emerge.   These labs are commonly known as the “One Pot” or “Shake and Bake” labs.  During this method, a reduced number of chemicals are placed in small plastic bottles.  The cook then monitors the chemical reaction to prevent gases from building up, in order to prevent explosion and/or fire.



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